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Trust yourself: important success ingredient, according to a veteran diplomat.

A veteran ambassador, diplomat and artist, Naela Chohan proves that everything you dream of is worth giving a try. A former Ambassador of Pakistan to Australia and Argentina, Naela Chohan speaks seven languages, including Spanish, which she learned at 51 years old. A strong proponent of women's rights, she has had a permanent painting exhibit "Souffrance" at the Paris UNESCO headquarters since 2012. One of her paintings, called "Encaged," is about women limiting themselves. And according to Ambassador Chohan, that's one of the major barriers on anyone's path to success.

Millionaire’s advice to women who want to have it all

Magda Wierzycka is one of the wealthiest women in South Africa. The CEO of Sygnia Limited, a publicly listed financial services company, has spent more than 20 years managing money and building companies. Recently she sat down with W Insight's Joanna Socha to discuss the breakthrough moments in her career, as well as share her advice for women who want to have a perfect work-life balance. "That's ridiculous!" she reacts. Main takeaway? Don’t live a life other people want you to live and don’t feel guilty about things you don’t do.

Perks of giving up careful career planning

Nina Kowalewska-Motlik launched and managed Harlequin Books in Poland in the early 90s. This turned out to be such a successful venture that the Harvard Business School published a case study about the company. After publishing Harlequin novels, Nina managed the Young & Rubicam Poland ad agency. Since 2001, she has been running the marketing firm New Communications, which represents such media as the Financial Times, the Gruener + Jahr Group, CNN and The Economist. W Insight sat down with Nina, as she explained why not planning too much is the way to go. She also talked about Harlequin. Well, mainly about Harlequin.

How to stand tall in the face of an earthquake

After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Zofia Pinchinat-Witucka decided to coordinate the building of a new school in Jacmel. She organized a public collection of funds in Poland and engaged Caritas Poland in starting this project. Construction of the school began in 2012. Currently, the building is in the raw condition. In a conversation with W Insight, Zofia shares her ups and downs when building the school and what she has learned on the way.

How to sketch out your career, an engineer’s guide

Many of us tend to believe that the “planning” stages of our professional lives reach a ceiling, be it after a certain academic degree, or a dream job, or a promotion. However, consciously and continuously checking in on our own progress and development can have surprising benefits. Read this interview with Mekala Krishnan, a senior fellow at McKinsey Global Institute, McKinsey & Company’s business and economics research arm.

Shahira Amin on shattering taboos in at-risk regions

She broke stories on female genital mutilation and virginity tests in Egypt, leading to the criminalization of those practices. Shahira Amin has been recognized by UNICEF for her efforts to improve the status of women and children in her home country Egypt. She says no story is worth risking your life, despite doing just that multiple times herself. Shahira sat down with W Insight to talk about her 30-year career of reporting in at-risk regions.

Advancing sustainable growth, one woman at a time

Starting out as a microlender, over the decades Pro Mujer has grown to become much more than your typical financial institution. In addition to providing small-dollar loans to women, the company offers healthcare services, education and support groups to its customers, all in a bid to empower underserved women in Latin America to realize their full potential. W Insight chatted with Maria Cavalcanti, CEO of Pro Mujer, about the company’s mission and long-term vision.

Katja Iversen wants to prove that a gender-equal world is a wealthier world

Katja Iversen is the President and CEO of Women Deliver – a global organization promoting investment in gender equality and the health and rights of girls and women. Iversen, an internationally recognized expert, has worked in global development for more than 20 years and has counseled and trained multiple Fortune 500 executives on cross-cultural management and communication. W Insight spoke with Katja Iversen in the context of the Women Deliver 2019 Conference in Vancouver.

The 20-second pitch that disrupted the Financial Times

Virginia Stagni is a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Italy, currently working for the Financial Times. She joined the news giant in 2017 and, while in a junior role, came up with the idea of FT Talent Challenge, where young participants from different countries and backgrounds would compete in teams to solve real business and strategic cases related to the digital and media world. Stagni pitched the project to the CEO of the media company, John Ridding, and the chief commercial officer, Jon Slade.
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